Donate Airmiles

Donate unused ACCUMULATED AirMiles to MaterCare!

Ever said, "Geez, I`ll never get to use my AirMiles. I just can`t collect fast enough to make it worth while?" At one time, you could only dontate NEW AirMiles to MaterCare as you shopped. But AirMiles has changed the rules recently so that you can donate your old unused AirMiles.

1. Phone the AirMiles number 1-888-AIR-MILES (1-888-247-6453) to speak to a Customer Service Rep. 

2. Advise him or her that you want to close your AirMiles account and merge your old unused accumulated AirMiles with the MaterCare account 8007 7296378. You will need  your old AirMiles numbers and the password/security information associated with it. It`s that easy and it doesn`t take long.

3. If you don`t already have a MaterCare AirMiles card, email so that in future you donate unwanted AirMiles to MaterCare as you shop.