Easter and Hope

In his Easter message, (Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMIBishop of HamiltonPresident of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops writes, "For all of us standing at the empty tomb – whatever the circumstances – there is unfathomable hope. There is hope for those on the peripheries of society; hope for governments and leaders; hope for the Church in this time of purification and renewal, hope for you and for me striving to lead a holy life (cf. Jeremiah 29.11)."

MaterCare's Spiritual Director Rev. Richard Taylor reminds us that the resurrection reverses the tears. "Jesus had cried, Mary Magdalen had cried and Peter cried. The women of Jerusalem had cried. And ever since the Church always remembers the mother of Jesus in tears. We pray to her all the time, for we are still mourning and weeping in this vale of tears. Yet the resurrection is supposed to wipe away all those tears for ever more." 

At Easter especially we experience the tradition and history and actuality of the faith we profess. We are following in a wonderful tradition of goodness as we try to live as a community of reconciliation and love. Gratitude and thanks are uppermost in our minds at this time of the year. And so we celebrate joyously, wearing our best apparel, and putting beautiful flowers everywhere, and eating and drinking gladly. And praying for all those who are less well off than ourselves.

A very happy feast to you all.

-The MaterCare Team