Feast of the Annunciation

For the Western Church, the Annunciation is a feast honoring the Virgin Mary as the mother of Christ. The emphasis of the celebration is placed on her acceptance of this honor as the fulfillment of the prophecy written in Isaiah 7:14.

Through her word the Virgin conceived; she remained a virgin; as a virgin she gave birth to the Savior.

The most intimate relationship of God with any human being was with Mary, who carried in her whom the Son of God made man. Perhaps all mothers share in a small and mysterious way in that intimacy through their own birthing experiences.  The resounding "Yes!" to life mothers proclaim to their unborn children is a celebration and participation in God's love for us. 

We believe obstetricians and midwives are the most privileged medical and nursing caregivers, as they serve the co-creators of human life. The acceptance of the invitation to Mary to become the Mother of God establishes our own duty as fellow human beings to say "Yes!" to serving mothers and their children. 

Against all human expectation God chooses those who were considered powerless and weak to show forth his faithfulness to his promises: Hannah, the mother of Samuel; Deborah; Ruth; Judith and Esther; and many other women. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 489.129)

Happy Feast Day to all mothers and to our obstetrical and midwifery colleagues!

-The MaterCare Team