Anemic mother gets emergency care

Anemic mother gets emergency care at MaterCare's St. John Paul II Maternity Hospital

Patient, Female.                     



Sr Emily with Patient's newly born son





This is a referral from Magadala, 52kms to Merti, who had to be brought all the way to MaterCare’s hospital in Isiolo, 172km from Merti.

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Mother went to Merti maternity clinic at 9:35 PM with complaints of abdominal pains. On examination she was 28 weeks gestation. On V.E., the Merti nurse noted CORD PROLAPSE, which was still pulsating, presenting part was cephalic, Meconium grade 2. Delivery was hastened and at 11:45 AM she had a live male infant, weighing 3.97lbs, placenta and membranes were delivered. After 30 minutes, mother started bleeding. She was closely monitored and cared for. By 6:00 AM, she had minimal bleeding. Red Cross Ambulance, which was to bring them to Isiolo, left without their notice. At 9:00 AM, the Merti nurse called our hospital in need of an ambulance, and we sent the driver to go for her. He left at 9:00 AM and arrived back at 7:30 PM, an all day journey due to poor road conditions. We received mother and baby. Since the baby was a premature, we put him in the new-born (NICU) unit. We took the vitals of the mother, and her H.B was 3g/dl. We didn’t have the blood she needed, nor did the Isiolo District.

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We went all the way to Mathari Nyeri where we got 2 pints for her. We transfused, and she is stable and finally free from further complications.

The mother is still with us in the hospital being monitored.

-Sister E