St. John's Shrine of St. Gianna Molla

Photo: Dr. Emanuela Molla (left) and Dr. Robert Walley (right) at the 2017 Rome Conference


At the MaterCare Rome Conference in 2017, St Gianna Molla’s daughter, Dr. Emanuela Molla, was invited to speak about her mother and the practice of medicine today. Dr. Emanuela Molla presented MaterCare’s Dr. Robert Walley with a sacred relic and letter which reads;


His Eminence Angelo Scola, Cardinal Archbishop of Milan:


To all and each who will read this letter of ours we ensure and testify that the sacred relics, taken from the clothing and hair of the mother of a family, Saint Gianna Molla, which we have placed with reverence and consigned in a metallic container, round in form and protected by crystal, and  bound with a silk red coloured cord, with the seal of St.Ambrose, have been canonically recognized and approved in this Archdiocesan Curia, and granted by us to be allowed veneration privately and in public, for the glory of God and the veneration of his saints, according to the norms of Canon Law. We have ordered that these testimonial letters be despatched, authorised by the undersigned Custodian of Sacred relics to prove their authenticity…(Custodian’s handwritten name).


Given in Milan's Archdiocesan Curia, April 28th, 2017.


Dr. Walley traveled with the relic back to Newfoundland, where a small shrine at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist of St Gianna’s First Class relic was dedicated on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, 2018.


Most Rev. Martin Currie officiated the service, and he blessed the shrine. Parish Priest Rev. Cecil Critch chose the spot close to the main altar near Our Lady’s State, where the Christmas crib is normally displayed.

Photo: At the Basilica of St. John the Baptist with Archbishop Martin William Currie leading the procession to the Shrine of St. Gianna.


The shrine (below) has her picture, the relic with English translation of the latin, and a short precis of her life. Visitors are welcome to the shrine located at 200 Military Road, St. John's, Newfoundland.



MaterCare is eternally grateful to Dr. Emanuela Molla for this gift and opportunity to bring the life and story of St. Gianna Molla to the people of Canada where her virtue and faith will continue to be an inspiration and guide for others.