Day 2: H.E. Willem, Cardinal Ejik

The second day of the Rome conference opened with mass and presentation from His Eminence Willem, Cardinal Ejik on “The History of Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide”. Earlier this year, the Cardinal stated that, "When one breaks the principle that human life is an essential value, one steps on the slippery slope [...] Dutch experiences teach that we will be confronted time and again with the question whether the ending of life shouldn't also be possible with less serious forms of suffering." Speaking to the erosion of euthanasia laws in the Netherlands.

The mornings' sessions on the theme of conviction continued with presentations from Dr Gian Luigi Gigli, Dr Gianna Emanuela Molla daughter of St. Gianna, Fr Raymond de Souza, and MaterCare Poland's Dr Bogdan Chazan.

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