Happy Father's Day!

MaterCare Celebrates Fathers, June 17th

This Father's Day gives us a chance to reflect on the critical role dads play in their children’s faith and development. 

Fatherhood is not simply a biological or adoptive role but also a vocation. It is a response to the call of fatherhood, even when circumstances are complicated, pregnancies are unexpected, or conditions aren't ideal. 
When understood properly, fathers provide to their children a strong role model and a sense of self unparalleled by other relationships. Too often the sacrament of marriage is though of that which unites a man and a woman to form a couple, but in reality the sacrament of marriage establishes a family. We see in the Holy Family the representation of the kind of family we are called to be. 

This Sunday, let us celebrate fathers, their primary role in the family, and empower them to live boldly and faithfully their role in the world.