The 91% Solution

What is the 91% Solution?

MaterCare International (MCI) is an international NGO. The most recent World Health Organization (WHO) statistics* show abortion (“reproductive health”) account for 9% of maternal deaths, yet most government aid agencies and the largest grant making foundations provide billions of dollars towards reproductive health initiatives leaving the remaining 91% of causes of maternal deaths with very little funding.

MCI, along with the global obstetrical community, agree that the tragedy of maternal death will only be solved one mother at a time by providing: essential prenatal care, skilled attendants during delivery, trained midwives based in clean well-equipped facilities, essential medications, specialist care for life threatening complications, trained local Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and emergency medical transport.

The 91% Solution: Put 91% of all funding into essential obstetrical projects in rural areas of less developed countries, which account for 99% of the world’s 350,000 annual maternal deaths.

MCI has developed a model rural essential obstetrical program but has received not one cent from government aid agencies or the wealthiest of grant giving foundations.

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What are the leading causes of maternal deaths? 


  • Postpartum haemorrhage (35%)
  • Hypertension (18%)
  • Indirect causes (HIV, anaemia, malaria & non-communicable diseases) (18%)
  • Other direct causes (ectopic pregnancy, pulmonary embolism, obstructed labour) (11%) 

How does MaterCare prevent maternal deaths?

Since 1981, MaterCare experts have been providing appropriate training in essential obstetrics to doctors and midwives in developing countries and training traditional birth attendants (TBAs) who account for 80% or more of births in villages.


  • MCI provides essential prenatal and obstetric care resulting in better preparation for difficult pregnancies
  • MCI builds, equips, and staffs maternal health clinics to serve rural regions
  • MCI provides emergency transport for life threatening complications
  • MCI educates women and families about procreative and family health before pregnancies even occur
  • By hiring local residents, MCI is able to serve women in rural regions while respecting and maintaining their cultural values 


Mothers and their unborn children suffer considerable discrimination in our times. This is the conclusion that one must draw from an examination of current rates of abortion, and maternal mortality and birth injury (maternal morbidity), especially in the developing world.

Our international community has done these women a great disservice by offering Depo-Provera as a means of so-called “empowerment”, though few women in the west use it as their chosen method of family planning. MaterCare International is the only organization implementing a comprehensive and long lasting solution to the world’s maternal death rates.