MaterCare International (MCI) is pleased to announce the completion of its maternal health projects in Ghana, west Africa. MCI was invited to Ghana by the late Bishop James Owusu, Bishop of Sunyani and Chair of the Health Care Commission for the Ghanaian Conference of Bishops, in 1995 to help with the development of programs to reduce the tragically high levels of maternal mortality and morbidity and to treat mothers suffering from obstetric fistula.

  • Project Completion

    In 1997 MCI developed a model of rural essential maternity care around a mission hospital in the diocese of Sunyani. The model included prevention programmes funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and MaterCare International. The model included the training of village traditional birth attendants in safe clean delivery as well as recognition and referral of high risk mothers to hospital using a pictorial antenatal card; the training of nurse/midwives in 11 maternity centres to ...